Agile start-up Inspinity launches enterprise-scale transformation concept

Staying relevant these days to fulfill your purpose as a company is a hell of a job. Societal and digital influences are forcing companies to constantly change according to customer needs and external threats. To be able to adapt quickly, organisations need to become a whole lot more agile. Not only IT departments, but the full enterprise. Companies have to undergo fundamental changes in organizational principles, structure, processes, culture and leadership. A drastic change. Where to get the energy to create momentum? Meet Inspinity.

“In the end, we all want to sparkle.”

The reversed pyramid

In order to do an enterprise-wide agile transformation, the entire organisation need to understand what that actually is. It’s important to grasp the value of such a way of working in order to benefit from the rewards of healthy and successful agility. The complete organizational mindset must change to one that is able to exploit a culture of high performing teams, self-organization, learning by doing and collaboration. In retrospect, you need a workforce with the necessary skills to tackle agile transformation.

We believe that modern agile organizations are a reversed pyramid: in agile organisations leadership supports and inspires autonomous agile teams. Now imagine that the reversed pyramid starts to spin. Form the energy created by inspiring servant leadership, communicating a clear and appealing vision, valuestreams of high performing autonomous teams and the mindset that includes continuous learning and improvement. The reversed pyramid then becomes a spinning top. For us, agile organisations are like a spinning top: agile and stable at the same time.

For Inspinity the most important drivers for agile transformation are: adapt to change, transform to digital and build a great place to work. Because, in the end, we all want to sparkle.

Inspinity, from doing to being agile

Agile transformation is not just about another agile process or way of working, but about changing an organisational operational model and culture according to the principles of agile. Instead of just delivering the instruments for doing agile, Inspinity has set its course on creating full organisational agility within organisations, scaling agile transformation enterprise-wide in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) world. As the context of every organisation is unique, the transformation approach is also unique. Inspinity professionals have a rich set of hands-on experiences that will guarantee the best solution for every organisation. Be inspired and become inspirational.

Want to know more about our refreshing vision on agile transformation? We did it, we orchestrate it, we love it. Contact us and meet our awesome agile collective!

We are Inspinity.

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