Innovation for relevance

Innovate to stay relevant

An important driver for organizations to become an agile organization is the need to cope with fast changing external circumstances. This can be anything like new technology, new eco-platforms, new legislation, new competitor products etcetera. This implies that innovation is a key element in the strategy.

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Podcast – We build it before we build it

Marcel Riemersma and Vincent Snijder were interviewed about the agile transformation  at Royal BAM Group. The interviewers were Roderick and Bart of TeamForge. Roderick Göttgens is former interim manager with a focus on organizational- and team development. Bart is Officer in the Dutch army.

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Agile enough to escape the headlights?

Will you keep on staring at the headlights?

Agility is a strategic asset, a philosophy that could really take leadership forward. It helps organizations to continue serving their purpose. Here’s some examples that show why organizational agility is important. Are you a rabbit or a leopard?

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Life Cycle Management value vs business value

Delivering business value is often seen as the holy grail for agile teams or agile organisations. Although true in itself but if the price for fixation on business value is that prioritisation for Life Cycle Management pays the price for that, you are putting your organisation at risk.

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In love with agile

Valentine’s Day, every year it keeps many people busy. A large imaginary pink cloud is pouring out across the world for a euphoric peak around the thought that love overcomes everything.

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