In love with agile

Valentine’s Day, every year it keeps many people busy. A large imaginary pink cloud is pouring out across the world for a euphoric peak around the thought that love overcomes everything. Florists are running around like crazy, postcard manufacturers run overtime and restaurants are flooded with couples in love. Or the wannabees. It sounds a bit like the flow of the average stranded agile project. Because that’s not how it works. Agile is certainly not a one-day fly, agile is a way of living in the workplace.

The point is that agile working requires change from people. Change. Resistance. Everyone knows the story. You can compare it a bit with love. People give in a little and people struggle a bit. It is exciting. Spooky. Different. You have to let things go and embrace new things. The latter makes it so much fun, because those new things give an inspiring sparkle to your life.

Sparkling, that is our thing at Inspinity. We bring enthusiasm and ambition back to the workplace with the aim of better results and dynamic teams with great adaptability. In the end, manoeuverability is what it’s all about. Agility. If as an organization you can no longer navigate between all the technological and social violence, you will end up like a rabbit. While organizations all ultimately want to be the leopard, constantly skilfully escaping the danger that their existence is trying to undermine. Nimble, light-footed. Everyone’s prince charming.

Gradually this article tends to develop towards the story of beauty and the beast. In short, to rule out any misunderstandings: you are the beauty, we are the beast. We cause forceful change, but we do it with unlimited grace, to in the end, make your people fall in love with agile en let your organization shine.

Let’s dance!