Podcast – We build it before we build it

On March 30th, Marcel Riemersma and Vincent Snijder were interviewed about the agile transformation at Royal BAM Group.

The interviewers were Roderick and Bart of TeamForge.

Roderick Göttgens is former interim manager with a focus on organizational- and team development. Now uses that knowledge and experience as a team performance coach to allow organizations and teams to maximize their potential. Author of the book “Teamability” and fascinated by the many forms of organizational and team development.

Bart is Officer in the Dutch army. Uses his experiences during various missions and deployments to make the army an even better organisation. Is very interested in the ‘hits & misses’ of business and constantly asks himself the question: how can we learn from each other? Due to Bart’s operational track record, we do not use his surname.

We had an interesting conversation about several topics in the domain of adaptability, teamwork, leadership and agility.

What does ‘adaptive’ mean for a company that carries out core activities that have been carried out for centuries? What happens in the background before anything is built? What is the role of leadership in this? What role does digitisation play in this and what effect does this have on the organisation?

Listen to the podcast (in Dutch)

Vincent Snijder is an experienced leader. He embraces the Agile mindset to create sparkling organizations - adaptive to change and a great place to work.

Vincent is partner at Inspinity.