Froggy Talk - Transparency

Froggy talk: transparency

The theme of this first issue of the Blue Striped Frog Magazine is transparency. Not the stifling Big Brother transparency from ‘The Circle’, but the trust- creating transparency that makes it possible to be agile and continuously improve. Read the editor’s Froggy Talk!

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CUSDEVOPS – in love with your customers

Agile ways of working have drastically extended the already big vocabulary of consultancy. Part of this new set of words is the acronym BUSDEVOPS. This is used to qualify multi-disciplined teams with representatives coming from Business, (IT) development and (IT) operations. In this article we will argue that CUSDEVOPS should be a better term, where CUS is an acronym for Customer.  

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Digital Obeya – business agility in ‘the new normal’​

Agile teams traditionally excel when their members are co-located and the work is physically visualised on walls and boards: sticky notes all over the place. Since the COVID-19 virus hit us, the overall experience is that the switch to remote working on team-level was relatively easy. The clear rhythm and routines facilitated a smooth transition towards a distributed way-of-working. But what about the visualisation on corporate level in so-called Obeya’s? Can we also easily transition this into a digital variant? 

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Podcast – We build it before we build it

Marcel Riemersma and Vincent Snijder were interviewed about the agile transformation  at Royal BAM Group. The interviewers were Roderick and Bart of TeamForge. Roderick Göttgens is former interim manager with a focus on organizational- and team development. Bart is Officer in the Dutch army.

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Can you feel it? A Sparkle Thermometer for Agile

I believe that Agile organisations are ‘sparkling’ organisations. But what is ’sparkling’? How can we determine the ‘degree of sparkle’ in an organisation? Which aspects influence it? How can this be helpful to improve the Agile Mindset?

In this blog I cover these questions as the start of a series of blogs and I ask for your input to define ‘sparkling’. Hopefully this contributes to more and more sparkling Agile organisations!

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Flow in Sparkling Agile teams

In my blog last month, I stated that Agile organisations are ‘sparkling’ organisations. I cannot imagine a situation where a genuine Agile organisation does not sparkle because I believe that a true Agile mindset is uplifting, engaging and passion generating.

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