An agile journey is like sailing around the world

The leadership purpose of one of the Inspinity partners is ‘leading the expedition into unchartered territories and enjoying the journey more than the destination’.

This contains two important elements that characterize every agile journey; it will be different than planned and it must be pleasant. The journey into unchartered territories however does not mean that you cannot prepare yourself or plan the journey. You can compare it with a sailing journey around the world. Earlier sailors can give you tons of knowledge regarding their experiences. But they will also make clear that those experiences always have value in a certain context. Just copy/paste such an experience will most likely be impossible as the situation will not be exactly the same. But that does still mean that there is a lot of value in being aware of such experiences.

You know that you will have situations with stormy weather, wind stillness, broken equipment and perhaps pirates but you never know if and when it will occur. So a good preparation pays off on your journey. But it should also lead to the actual first onboarding. Even if you learned the amount  of uncertainty that you have to deal with. The Blue Striped Frog magazines would like to present you best practices of professionals.

That will help you in preparing but moreover in doing your own journey. As there is a wide variety of best practices worth sharing with you, we have grouped them in a certain way. In this first magazine the focus is on transparency. Several professionals will share their experience on this topic with you.

The focus in the magazines to come are:

  • Sparkling organizations create motivated persons willing to set the extra mile.
  • Empowerment is powerful if implemented right in the heart and the mind.
  • How to connect strategy to teamwork.
  • The harness of a strict set of rhythms and routines.

As said in the beginning, an agile journey must also be pleasant. The Blue Striped Frog magazines are also intended to deliver you a joyful and pleasant reading experience. Strengthening you on the fact that although your journey will have setbacks, turbulent times like the metaphor of the sailing trip the overall feeling should be that you enjoy  the journey as well as arriving at the destination.

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Henk Venema is an experienced consultant helping organizations in their transformation towards agile organizations. He combines his experience on Programme- and Portfolio Management with his experience on large scale agile transformations. Partner at Inspinity.